About Our Spangle

What Is Spangle?

Our Spangle is the latest trend in apparel BLING!! They are flat, sort of like a sequin, but they don't have that not so attractive hole in the middle. They sparkle, bling and shine just like rhinestones but they are LEAD FREE, unlike rhinestones.  No worries about the little ones choking on them either (unlike rhinestones)...our spangle is safe for small children and even babies!  You can do all your daily activities in Spangle!  You can workout in it, play ball, cheer, flip, clean house and even sleep comfortably in your trendy spangle bling.  Spangle is soft so they won't scratch you or get caught on something causing them to fall off.  We can Spangle your Tees, Tanks, Leggings, Jeans, Shorts, Tote Bags, Cinch Bags, Wine Bags and so much more!  We can even bling out some super cute pet apparel with our Spangle!!

If you are in need of just the transfer itself or have any questions about our spangle products please feel free to message us by using our CONTACT US link :)

For those of you buying only the transfers, simply follow the easy application instructions below!

Applying Spangle:
  • Set the heat-press to 288 degrees Fahrenheit (285-290 degree range).
  • Set the timer to 12 seconds.
  • Place a Nomex heat pad on the bottom platform of your heat-press or use a lower platen Teflon cover; depending on your brand and style of heat press.
  • Adjust the upper platform so the pressure is high, but still able to lock down. (If your machine measures 0-9 pressure, it should be set to 7)
  • Lint roll your garment to remove any fibers, lint or anything else that might prevent the spangle from coming in direct contact with your garment.
  • Pre-press your garment to flatten out any wrinkles, and then allow it to cool.
  • Cut away any excess transfer paper that serves no purpose.
  • Place spangle design on the garment.
  • Lower heat-press for 12 seconds. Once finished, remove garment and lay out flat on your work table.
  • Rub the design to assist in cooling. (Recommended to use a shirt or cloth to protect hand from heat)
  • Warm peel (Not HOT or COLD) transfer paper off in whichever motion works best for that design.
  • If you feel any spangles are not 100% secured after peeling, press a second time for about 4-5 seconds.  DO NOT reapply the sticky transfer sheet.

Spangle Care:

As with most decorated garments, care should be taken when laundering.
  • Turn the garment inside-out, if possible.
  • Do not launder with rough items within the same washer.
  • Use ‘Gentle Cycle’. Water temperature should be Cold or Warm, but not Hot.
  • Drying is your choice: Hang to dry, or use Low Heat settings.
*We do NOT suggest using garments purchased right off the store rack.  These garments are often times treated to help prevent wrinkling.  These chemicals can sometimes cause issues with the spangle adhesion.  We suggest purchasing apparel intended for application from an apparel supplier

*We do not guarantee the application of spangle transfers on any garment not applied by our company.
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