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Custom Spangle Set Up

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Need us to create a custom spangle design for you?  Read all the details here:

In order for us to create spangle design for you in a format that is appropriate for our equipment, we require a set up fee.  The fee also includes 1 free transfer.  Having a transfer allows you to see the finished bling design and is great for making a sample product allowing you to take orders from your customers.

The set up fee does not include shipping of the transfer nor does it include the digital file itself. If you would like to purchase the digital file you will need to pay the additional fee.  You will see the option to purchase the digital file as well as the design size options in the drop down choice menus.

If you are going to purchase the digital file you will need to provide us with a valid email address.  You will need to have Sierra Hot Fix Era Version 17 in order to open/use this file.  This is the ONLY format we provide.

Due to the nature of a digital file, once it has been emailed we will NOT provide refunds for any reason.  Please be sure our email is in your contacts so we are not blocked from sending the file to your provided email address.  Our email is [email protected]

What we need from you:

  • We need for you to be VERY sure of your design and size.  Once a design has been created in a specific size it CANNOT just be resized. Spangle designs are not scalable.  Sizing changes require a NEW purchase of this product because it requires us to completely redesign it.
  • We need to know your color scheme.  Keep in mind we have GOLD not "Vegas Gold" or "Old Gold"  It is just simply GOLD :)  There is NO WHITE!  We use silver, which looks amazing, in place of white
  • Please send us your information along with any pictures you may have through our website by clicking this link here ---> CONTACT US  You can attach your images through our website but should you have any troubles attaching your files please email them to [email protected]
  • In the "Description & Max Size Info" box please be sure to include the exact or the MAXIMUM size range from both top to bottom and left to right you want your transfer to be.
  • Changes are NOT easily made when designing spangle transfers.  Please provide us with your full details the first time.  If you need changes made because you didn't include the full information from the start you will be charged for a new design because it just isn't something that is easily and simply done.
Common Designs vs. Exclusive Designs:

Please keep in mind that many organizations have lots of common elements such as colors and mascots.  For example, if you require a "ram" chances are there is some other organization out there that uses the same mascot.  For this reason we will NOT make common elements exclusive to ANY one customer.

Elements that can make your design exclusive is things like names, slogans, tagline or even some sort of special swirl or frame in your design.  If for any reason you are concerned about your design being exclusive to you please contact us so that we can discuss the details of your design for clarification.


You have two options for shipping.
  • For those of you who prefer to postpone your sample transfer being shipped until you place your full approved order, please choose "Ship with Approved Order".  You will not be charged a shipping fee if you choose "Ship with Approved Order" and we can ship your free sample along with the purchase of all your transfers.
  • Should you want your free transfer immediately please select "Ship Approved Sample ASAP".  This is great so that you can show your customers your design applied to a sample tee and take orders.

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